Landlord Protection For The Eviction Moratorium

When you begin renting out properties, you most likely know that you may one day need to evict a tenant. However, you may have hoped that this would never happen to you, or you may simply not know enough about eviction protocol and laws. If you are being faced with tenants who are unable or refuse to pay their rent, you will have to deal with evicting them. When you need help going through this process, it is always a good idea to get assistance from a property management lawyer.

When you need legal help in Sarasota and the surrounding areas, get in touch with the team at Kowtko Law Group. Our experienced lawyers have been helping property owners in Florida understand the eviction laws for years, and we can assist you throughout the process of evicting a tenant. Whether you need full legal representation or simple legal counsel, our team can help. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the eviction moratorium that is in place due to COVID-19 and some other factors to look at throughout the eviction process.

What Is The Eviction Moratorium?

With approximately 14 million Americans struggling to pay rent due to unemployment and other economic issues caused by the outbreak of COVID-19, there were eviction protections that were put in place to protect tenants and keep as many people in their homes as possible. While this was set to be completed at the end of January, President Joe Biden has issued an executive order which extends the protections until March 31. Renters are able to register for this program and gain funds to pay their rent, and extra priority is given to low-income renters and renters who have an unemployed person in their home. To understand more about this program and how it may affect your property, get in touch with the Sarasota lawyers at Kowtko Law Group today!

Winning An Eviction Lawsuit

Evicting a tenant can be a lengthy and difficult process. Since the tenant’s home is at stake, judges will often set the eviction bar fairly high, while also trying to be fair to the landlord in the case. If you have a clear renter’s agreement and can easily prove that your tenant is in violation of this, it may be a simple process to evict them from your property. However, even evictions that seem simple do not always turn out that way. Some of the more important times to work with a lawyer during an eviction include:

  • Your first eviction attempt

  • The tenant has hired a lawyer to fight the eviction

  • The tenant is an employee that you are firing

  • The tenant is filing for bankruptcy

  • You are required to comply with rent control and housing program rules

If Your Tenant Is Suing You

There are a wide variety of times that your tenant may be suing you, especially during the eviction process. This could be for:

  • Discrimination

  • Injury or illness

  • Major property damage

  • And much more

If your tenants are suing you, it is imperative that you have strong legal representation on your side so you can protect yourself from any damages that they may cause to you, your property, or your reputation.

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Get Representation In Florida Today

If you are preparing to evict a tenant from your property or you need to know more about the eviction moratorium and the guidelines that have been set in place for this program, contact the team at Kowtko Law Group today. Our lawyers will be happy to work with you with legal advice and representation in your case. We look forward to working with you and assisting you in your property management law needs!