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Susana C. Kowtko

Director of Marketing & Client Relations

Mrs. Kowtko manages the client relations and administrative operations for Kowtko Law Group, as well as overseeing the marketing and advertising operations of the firm. Mrs. Susana Kowtko was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she studied Graphic Design prior to moving to the United States where she obtained a technical degree in Graphic and Web Design, an associate's degree in Marketing & Advertising, and a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management. Mrs. Kowtko has extensive work experience in graphic design, web design, sales, and marketing.

Before moving to Sarasota from Orlando, FL, Mrs. Kowtko worked as an Integrative Marketing Solutions Consultant at Entravision Communications (Univision - Orlando, and Salsa 98.1 FM WNUE). Prior to deciding to help her husband grow his law firm, she worked at AgeVital Pharmacy, Inc., in Sarasota,FL, in the capacity of Assistant Manager & Marketing Executive. Susana is also an active local Realtor and grows her real estate business in her spare time. Her favorite things to do are spending time at the beach with her daughter Isabella, going to concerts with her husband Matt, and traveling with her family. Susana’s favorite countries and states to visit are Spain, France, and Germany, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. She also loves doing hot yoga, Zumba, and Latin dancing.

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Receptionist/Legal Assistant

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Legal Assistant