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When legal issues arise, they are often one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. And more often than not these matters can quickly consume much of a person's time, energy, financial resources, and become extremely emotionally draining.


Our lawyers understand your troubles and will formulate a unique case strategy that best fits your personal, financial, and emotional needs.  

Our divorce, family, civil law attorneys offer compassionate legal assistance, while aggressively defending your rights and protecting your interests, plus they have years of combined experience working with clients just like you and helping them make the right choices for their families while protecting their interests. 


Choosing the

Right Lawyer for You

Your attorney should be knowledgeable, passionate, creative, responsive, dependable, and be able to work tenaciously at obtaining the best possible result for your case. This is precisely the quality of work and representation you will get when you hire our offices. Our family and civil law attorney's primary goal is to counsel and advise clients, and assist them in the amicable resolution of their family and civil law cases.

Customized Case Strategy

Every case is unique, this is why the moment an attorney-client relationship is formed between you and our firm, we'll begin formulating a case strategy based upon your individual needs and goals. Our lawyers understand the emotional and financial stress of legal proceedings, and their goal is to resolve cases without causing undue stress and expense to our clients and their families.

Negotiating & Keeping Control

It is preferable to settle cases out of court and avoid the ultimate outcome to be made by a judge. Our attorneys have excellent negotiation skills and years of experience in successfully mediating & settling cases. By strategically working with the opposing party or attorney they'll strive to obtain the best resolution for your case while protecting and defending your rights and interests.

Courtroom Ready

In a trial situation, preparation is key to obtaining the best resolution. Preparation for trial often includes taking depositions, preparing filings, working with experts (such as a Guardian ad Litem or financial experts), and preparing your witnesses for their testimony. Our firm stands ready and prepared to aggressively litigate your case in your best interest at trial before a judge.




We combine modern innovation and creative thinking with classical law in our family, criminal, and civil practice areas to bring our clients powerful and efficient legal representation.


Rarely do people budget for unexpected future legal fees, it is for this reason that after an initial consultation and review of your case we may be able to offer you a flexible payment plan.


We put our professional and friendly support staff at your service giving you the prompt and personalized service you deserve.


Matthew helped me with an overwhelming situation. He is confident, works strategically and is very straightforward about his process. Michael is also aces and was a tremendous help as well. I don't know what I'd have done without them. Matthew Kowtko was highly recommended to me and i am passing that recommendation on to you.


If you are reading this, searching for help with a divorce or other legal matter, trust me they are top notch. They have guided me through two very difficult situations in my life in the past year. Matt is the bulldog you want on your side. He also is amazing at knowing just the right thing to say to calm your panic. A few words in an email can put your mind at peace. He gets that.